Here are two poems by me that I had to write for College English. I don't normally write poetry but I like these, so I decided to put them up on my page.

The First Time

We lie in your bed 
Holding hands, nothing more
I watch as the fan above us 
Moves round and round
We start to converse 
Out of nowhere you sit up
And lean over me
You say the words
"I love you" 
Those that get thrown around 
As if they are nothing
I've heard those words
But not from your mouth 
Or the mouth of any man, for that matter
In the sense of being in love
At first, I'm taken by surprise
My heart skips a beat
My thoughts are all in disarray
Then I feel a rush of emotion
Warmth overcomes my body
My thoughts reorganize
I know what I have to say
"I love you, too"
Your face lights up a
As I've never seen before
The power of words...
Of love

me and my flute!
Anticipation and Excitement

The day has come
I rehearse the song through my head
Notes, rhythms, and tunes
Over and over again
My fingers have a mind of their own
Practicing for the real thing
I sit in the hall
Surrounded by brilliant musicians 
All as scared as I
They are there, but I pay no attention to them
But concentrate on my future performance
I lean against the wall
Get into my own frame of mind
And prepare myself for 
What I feel I need to do
It is time
I get in line 
Only to wait another two hours
Till it is my turn
I step inside the silent room
Hands shaking uncontrollably
Three figures face away from me
All serious, they tell me to play
I serenade them with my flute
Relieving myself of the
Nervousness I felt before
I just perform
It comes so freely
When finished, I leave the room
To find out later
The practicing pays off and
I make the band
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