Heather's Online Journal

            25th March, 2002. 12:24AM My First Journal Entry...

        Earlier tonight it was my intention to get some work done but no... decided to work on my webpage!!  I am jealous of Julie's online journal, and decided to make one of my own.  Mine, however, probably won't be all that exciting.  Mike came to visit yesterday and he left today.  I bet I eat more food when he comes than I do the whole previous week combined... lol.  We had chinese, pizza, perkins... you name it.  Well, we watched tv together most of the time, but that's always fun times.  Our little water fight was interesting lol.  After he left, I took a nap and went to Brent Davis's recital which was good, but I was ushering/doing my theory the whole time lol.  Then went to taco bell with bridget, practiced at cogswell, took my delta omicron test and got 100 percent.  Don't know how I managed that one studying 30 minutes before!!!  My day was pretty uneventful.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring a more interesting journal entry!! lol. 

        Current mood: exhausted

        Current music: some silly squeegee man song by Da Vinci's Notebook (Thanks a lot mike ;-)












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