Random Quotes


        When talking about singing in the shower, Julie says "I shower at home" when she meant to say "I sing in the shower at home."  We don't realize this till 30 seconds later. lol

      "How stupid is this?  I got cotton candy at the caf knowing it was raining outside." -Melissa

      Not really a quote, but in intro to music Kim put "Showpan and Sherbert" as two prominant musicians of the romantic period.  For all you non-music peeps, she meant to put "Chopin and Shubert."

      "Heather always has problems eating and talking at the same time." -Kim

        "I called him chief" -Me

               "He probably got horny off of that" -Lissa

               "How could someone possibly take that as being sexual... oh, hmm.. you be the chief and I'll be the naughty native and we'll rub each other with war paint... "

         "If I was a frog I would have a field day..." -Bridget on a rainy day ;-)

         "back and forth and back and forth and thrust thrust thrust" -Kim really loud in Bob's pizza ;-)