Best Friends!

Anita and I at a church party before Anita left for Africa

Prom '99!  Anita is in the gray dress leaning against her boyfriend, Roland

This is my best friend Anita. She is in her third year of college at Sarah Lawrence University in New York. She has an awesome homepage too. Click here to visit!

This is my friend Shannon Kelley. She has recently graduated from WASH and is planning to attend Shanendoah University. She is in the band and plays trumpet and also plays basketball. She has an incredible sense of humor, too!

This is my boyfriend and I at dinner on prom night of his senior year. Very fun!!

This is my friend Becca Harkins. She goes to WASH and will graduate in 2002. She plays volleyball and is very happy-go-lucky.

This is a pic of me and some of my highschool friends at graduation. Most of them are in the flute section! They were lots of fun.

Picture taken before Prom 2000 at my boyfriends house. From top left to bottom right: Glenn (Mike's brother), Mike, Christina (Glenn's girl) and me. That night was incredible!

My 17th birthday party was crazy. Lots of people!
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