Heather's Dorm Room 2000-2001

This is a pic of the wall on my side of the room. My cool posters and stars. The stars glowed in the dark and it was really awesome at night. I love alanis morissette, can you tell?;-)

This is where i spent lots of my time... on the computer. You can also see my photo frames on my shelves and my window. Yes, that is where I spent a lot of time... sometimes till the wee hours of the morning.

This is a pic of Mike sitting at my desk. You can see my bed, two refrigerators, tv and the view from my window.

This is a better picture of my bed. My room wasn't always that messy... riiiiight.;-) This is probably the most accurate pic of the bunch.

This is part of my roomie, Melissa's, side of the room.

This is a pic of my dresser drawers and my closet.

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